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Cosplay Corner

Cosplay Corner

Welcome to our Cosplay Corner! Freddy Beach Fan Fest is having a huge cosplay contest this year and we are also highlighting our local cosplayers by offering cosplay tables. Pre-registration for the contest and cosplay artist tables are now open, find our applications and guidelines below. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are happy to help!

Cosplay Guidelines Quick Guide

Freddy Beach Fan Fest is a family friendly event, that is inclusive to all people. As such, we do not accept any intolerant, offensive or inappropriate language. We appreciate all of the people that come to our event, and want to ensure a safe community event for everyone of all ages.

Cosplays should be PG-13, so please keep this in mind when planning your cosplay. This does not include form fitting or cosplays that show skin (no nudity, too revealing or offensive) and please ensure the cosplay is well constructed and secured, including appropriate undergarments. All genres of cosplay are allowed, including comic, anime, gaming, books, tv shows and movies (etc.). If you are not sure whether your cosplay is ok for the show, please contact us and we can help!

All cosplay weapons/props should be registered and tagged upon entry. All props will be checked and those not following the rules will not be allowed into the event. Attendees found with untagged props will be asked to go to the cosplay desk straight away. Plastic, foam and light wooden props are allowed, please tell staff if your prop is wooden so it can be tagged appropriately. Replica firearms must have no “bullets” (i.e. nerf guns, foam bullets, cap guns). Please do not point cosplay props at attendees or guests, and be mindful of others around you. If your prop is large and you are bringing it for the contest, we can place it in a safe area until the time when needed.

Cosplay props not allowed at the Event include – Fire/Flames, Smokes, Lasers (lights are ok), Pressurized Gases or Liquids, Messy items (such as slime, silly string, flour etc.) Metal swords or Knives, throwing stars, darts or other projectile weapons (ie. Air-soft, paint guns, antiques) Batons, as well as asian weaponry (sai’s, kama’s, nunchaku etc.), hatchets/axes or any stylized or real metal blades (i.e. metal wolverine claws)

We appreciate our cosplay attendees following our guidelines. To see our full cosplay policy, please see our policies page. We hold the rights to change or add terms to this policy anytime prior to and during the event.

Cosplay Contest Rules

Our cosplay contest is open and we have categories for every type of cosplayer, whether it is your first time or your 50th! There will be a pre-judging time and place announced closer to the date for all contestants, but be aware that pre-judging and competition could take up to 3 hours over the weekend. Please ensure you allocate enough time to present your cosplay accurately. We ask that all contestants come by the cosplay table at the event when they first arrive so your name can be marked off as attending. Registrations at the event will be open until 2pm Saturday at the Cosplay Table.

If you have kids that love to cosplay, you can bring them to the cosplay table before Sunday at 2pm to have their picture taken and enter our “Best Youth Cosplay” to earn a cool prize! Must have parent or guardian permission to enter.

Audio is allowed for the Adult Master category only. All audio must be non-offensive, PG-13 and submitted to us at least two weeks before the event. No audio for the contest will be accepted on the weekend of the event. Master category cosplayers have from 30 seconds – 1 minute allocated.

We would like all contestants from their category to be at the pre-judging area 15 minutes before we start. Check the rules for each category below!

Adult Masters – Our masters category is for experienced cosplayers. Contestants must have made or done significant alterations to at least 60% of their cosplay. We will be looking at accuracy, detail, performance and crafting. Masters will have 5 minutes with the judges in prejudging and 1-2 minutes on stage for the contest itself. Masters may submit up to 1 minute of music or dialogue (no microphone will be supplied at the event) and must submit the audio by email at least two weeks before the event. We will not be taking audio submissions on the weekend of the event.

Adult Amateur – Our amateur section is open to all who love cosplay. There are no requirements for construction in this category. We will be looking at accuracy, performance and detail. Amateurs will have 3 minutes with the judges in prejudging and up to 1 minute on stage for the contest itself. No audio is allowed for this category.

Teen – Our Teen category is for ages 13-17 and has no requirements for construction. We will be looking at accuracy and performance. Teens will have 2 minutes with the judges at pre-judging and 30 seconds on stage at the contest. Audio is not available for this category.

Props – Our prop category is for those that build amazing props, armor or static props (like a robot etc.). Contestants entering this category must have made or repurposed 100% of their entered prop. Entrants in this category will not be required to go on stage and props will be displayed during the contest. Prop contestants will have 5 minutes with the judges in pre-judging. We will be looking at accuracy, detail and crafting. 

If you have any questions about the cosplay contest, please email – Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the contest!

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